Flaming SkinMature

I tried washing you off of my skin
to see if it would make me feel better
about you not being here;
instead I felt worse.
My fingertips brushed over the spots
your fingers and your lips crashed into,
wreaking havoc in my veins and my head
as I tried to wash you away,
knowing I'd have to do it all over again
the next day.
It is not at all
that I don't like having you all over me,
it's that it is like a hurricane
that ruins everything
again and again
and nothing is fixed
because my skin is still on fire
and you are not here
to put it out
or turn it into an inferno.
There is a fine line
between my bones
and your teeth,
like the tide
against the rocks.
They become cracked
when your teeth mark maps,
a path of familiarity
between you
and my skin.
I tried
making every inch of my skin
mine again
and I've never been able to accomplish that
because all of it is already yours
I wouldn't know where to start,
nor could I even begin to try
and make it mine,
you would come
and make it yours
all over again.
So I give up,
you are the flame
to my gasoline
and I am inches from the heat,
ready to be lit on fire.

The End

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