I think it's stupid
how we have all these names
yet we never name our attacker
we don't name the one
who invades our dreams
turning them black and deadly
and we never want to go there
we never name the ones
who have made our skin feel like poison
and our voices like shouts into the void
how does that all work?
if it's not in our favour
what the hell is it?
if it's not the blood stopping in our veins
because we can't walk down the street
without always looking back
or walking faster than normal
if it's not the freezing in place
when someone just barely grazes you
what is it?
It's the fear
wrapped around our hearts
that we will endure it
Again and again and again
and it will always be our faults
It wasn't in our favour when we were little
it wasn't in our favour before high school
and it isn't in our favour after.
every pair of eyes like daggers
hands like fists
And the blood around our wrists
Do not tell me it is in our favour
that it is our fault
he could not take his eyes away
because he's so fucking entitled
to the body around my bones
to the clothes around my skin
and it shouldn't matter
if maybe I was a little intoxicated
It shouldn't matter
If he just thought it was okay
because I didn't say no,
maybe I wasn't conscious
It shouldn't fucking matter
Because if I am asleep
if I am drunk
I am not asking for shit
I am asking for a night to myself
even if I am surrounded by people
it can be a night for me
And some entitled bastard
will not steal more than he already has
In this age and day
It will always be my fault
Because what could I expect?
An attractive girl
Wearing whatever it was
Being nice.
Of course I was asking for it.
Whether it was in the din of the night
or the ocean of the day
I will not step around corners
expecting someone else to be around it
I will not walk faster
I will not keep my hands in fists
And I will not be nice.
I will be what I know how
And that is fierce and angry.
That is a fighter
locked inside a small body
that will not be taken down
Because someone else
thought they were better than me
And oh so damn entitled.
You will check your fucking privilege
and you will not touch a freckle on my skin.

The End

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