Believe in what you stand forMature

I don't get
why people can't let other people
believe in what they want
stand for what they want
without throwing a fit
Whether it's the anarchy in your bones
or the music on your skin;
and wherever you put your faith & your trust
You should be able to stand for what you believe in
and believe in what you stand for
it shouldn't matter if it's the baby you're not ready for
or the love for whatever gender
or the person you choose to be.
what should matter,
is how you treat those around you
if you're inflicting your beliefs,
or your stands on someone else
telling them that what they stand for,
& what they believe in, is wrong
is putting poison in the system.
You are not superior to anyone else
neither or your beliefs or what you stand for
this is not about starting a war,
this is about what we fight to believe and stand for
this is about not letting things or people limit you
just because they don't like it
or they find it offensive.
Stand for what you believe in,
believe in what you stand for.

The End

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