and baby you're made of gold,
too rare to live
too weird to die
too good for me.
and now I'm lost again
like I always am
because this bed is as empty as the night,
when the stars have gone to hide
but when they're hiding
I know exactly where to find them
they'll be found
in kisses at the corners of your lips
and the constellations drenching your eyes.
And if I'm lost
I know where to go,
so I can be found again
all I have to do is find you
and I'm back again.
If I ever lose my way,
I'll look for your footsteps,
and you'll lead the way
out of where I've tried to hide.
And if I didn't have you
There'd be no lost to be
no "being" to be
So maybe I do believe in God,
which is new to me,
maybe I believe, though,
maybe just enough
to say thank you
because he may not have given me much,
but he gave me you
and that's worth something,
just being able to see your eyes light up down the hall
or the smile that graces your face when you walk past me
it's worth something
knowing the heart that beats in your chest
is the one you gave to me.

The End

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