I have come to learnMature

I have come to learn
that people are not going to obey
whatever rules are set before them
they are not going to listen to the word no
and they will not listen to your plea's
I have come to learn
a grown man
responsible, in part
for your existence
will get away with
how old you were
what time it was
and where you were
and they will possibly say
"well, what were you wearing?"
As if
at seven years old
the length of your nightgown was what was wrong
and that you were asleep,
that does not factor in
it will always be your fault
you are always to blame
for not keeping a weapon on you at all times
for not wearing something
they will blame you
because you caught their eye
it is your fault
it is your fault
they will keep it in your head
until you believe it, too
I have come to learn
no one will defend you
when they find you
begging for help
they will tell you
it is your fault
and you asked for it
they will tell you
that you are lying
or that you deserved it
or both
I have come to learn
it is my fault
for not screaming
it is my fault for not saying something about it
when I did not know right from wrong
it is my fault
it is my fault.

The End

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