What is ownership anyway?

"It's mine."

"This is mine, and this and that."

"All of it."

We Declare.

"I made this, I found that, I bought this."

"That means it's mine."

We assert.

"That's how the world works."

"You earn what you put in for."

"Which is why what's mine is mine, and what is yours is yours."

We reason.

"So can you own anything?"

"Can you claim anything you made as yours?"

"Can you find what was lost and just call dibs?"

We Ask.

"Is this Earth really yours? You didn't find it. You didn't make it. You never bought it."

"Is the Sun yours because your eyes found it? If so, then who's eyes are they if you didn't make them, or buy them?"

"The air in your lungs, does that belong to you or the trees? After all, they made it."

We learn.

"The truth is, your wrong."

"You don't own anything."

"Especially with that mentality."

We realize.

The End

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