Eternal Moments

        You wrap your arms around my neck and I'm stunned at how tender your tight grasp is. My hands find their way to your hips, then the small of your back. My face hangs toward your shoulder in your mess of hair. We start to sway side to side, then turn in circles. The movie credits are rolling and suddenly I'm all too aware of the melody striking me as you whisper that you love this song and as we dance I'm wishing desperately that I knew the words. I strain to recognize them but I do not. 
You pull your head from my shoulder as our hands shift. You are just far enough away to still be in focus, yet close enough so that I'm urged to kiss you but I can't because I'm frozen in your eyes...

We soon find ourselves nose to nose in the middle of the room. I try to speak, but your reply comes to my half considered, half spoken statement. I tried and I couldn't for every time you spoke I caught your breath and I failed to express.
It was intoxicating, I couldn't get enough, frozen in that half formed kiss, like each time I caught your hot breath I was learning how to breath, and with each first breath I wanted to push on, use it, mold it, but the words would not come because each breath of mine wasn't the same and Simon didn't say love, so I guess I lost this game.

The End

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