Diamond Key

In this wasteland 

I am Queen

Ruler over rust and rotting dust


Through this barren world I roam

My subjects 

They hold the mark of Cain


I fight the wars

The battles all

Yet still, my kingdom does not come


My enemies they fear me

For what it's hard to say

One day they will defeat me, I will be in their chains


My crown is made of broken things

My head scratched and bleeding from harsh points

Hollow to the core and weighing heavy on my mind


No royal prince has stolen my heart

Kept in my chambers under lock and diamond key

A key lost in the Battle of Fire


Sworn fealty to my war paint and battle scars

No one person do I answer to

My throne; my prison cell


It is too late to refuse my duties

This world relies on my black soul

To lead this land to its promised promise

The End

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