Devil or Angel

I love this guy who I have known for a very long time and we have an on-going "thing". But I'm emotionally hurt and ready to give up but I just can't, he is like a magnet.

My head is twisting with the words that you tried to make me believe.

And I dont know how much longer you can manipulate me before I suffocate.

I remember the first time you told me that we could be together.

It happened like any fairy-tale would.

Under the blazing bright starts, in the cool of the evening summer night.

You told me I illuminated the whole world with just my smile.

But of course I didn't realize how many other girls had heard these lies over on replay.

Young, innocent, and naive me trusted every word that came out of your pathetic mouth.

Because I wanted you to love me, I wanted to know some one cared, I wanted you to tell me that I was and will never be a failure.

And believing you was the easiest thing to do.

You fooled me good sitting there like your an angel, when really you turn out to be the Devil.

The monster that would devour me and spit me back out on to the rough, and jagged concrete.

Only leaving me with far too many cuts and bruises that I have collected along the way from you.

And when all is said and done, the fairy tale that I have created in my head is no more, it has turned into a nightmare.

You could care less about me or the other twenty girls that you have told these lies to.

I can't keep on hurting myself just so you can toy whit my heart.

It's not ok. I'm not ok.

I can't keep choosing the wrong person over the right.

But honestly I can't tell right from wrong because I have let you abuse me for a long time.

I don't want to feel this jealously when you flirt with other girls, and this anger that I always have with me.

And after all I've said you still draw me in with every touch, smile, and word that you say.

Call me a fool but I still come back crawling on my hands and knees.

 I try to fight and control my emotions, I try to put a wall up between us, but no matter how hard I try somehow my emotions flare or the wall crumbles between us.

I don't know why i subject myself to this violation any longer than I already have.

And wishing you will change is a long lost hope because it will never happen, you always be the Devil that is conceled within my perfect Angel.

The End

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