Some words from experience. Was I at fault or was it her? It's been too long to tell.

So he was just a little late,

This time he knew it'd be the last,

He called her up and knew she'd wait,

Just like it was the past,

He carefully devised this plan,

Created from his lust inside,

Just wanting to be a man,

At that expense he lied,

She waited so long maybe days,

For the man she said she knew,

She loved him oh so many ways,

Regardless of the pain gone through,

Her hope was gone she had enough,

And with her tears he fell to stay,

Just a diamond in the rough,

Forever just a game they play,

Coming home just not so soon,

She's known where he has been,

From her eyes it's time to lose,

Both a lover and a friend,

Devastated it's again,

The time which she had known,

When loves a game you cheat to win,

And again you find yourself alone.

The End

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