Deus Lux


The gods cried the day I was borne,

Knowing that the Shadows would

Take me early, not letting Sun and Moon

Teach me the Old Ways of my Ancestors.


Tears fell the day I was borne,

Falling steadily outside the hospital,

For the Sky and the Elements

Screamed their rage at my unfortunate

Fate and role that I would play

As Sacrifice to a world that shunned

My people and killed them off

On stakes and piles of wood

And forced Fire upon us.


Yet the Stars and Life

Had other plans that

The Wheel of Fate and Destiny

Could not UnBind.

Magic and Power Old

Flowed through my blood,

Making me a Phoenix Reborn.

So that if I were to die,

I would be able to Soar amongst

The Heavens and the Throne of Light,

And return to my home on this

Life filled World to Change

The UnChangable.


I Am the Deus Lux,

The Light God.

And I am Ever-Shining on

Those who the Shadows dare to

Try to Claim as theirs.

I Light the Path, the Way,

For Souls who are Lost.

For I have been where

You walk and travel,

And will carry you when

You no longer can continue.

I shall never leave your side.

The End

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