Detached JusticeMature

It's about how sometimes people who commit wrongs against another are treated better than their victims, out of some sort of perverted, misplaced compassion

Bruised and battered under city lamplights

How hard I struggled to stay alive that night

Faced carved beyond recognition, brutal knife

Tunnel flashes with brilliance, heavenly light


The whooping of sirens, lost in the fog

A month later and I'm staring at my own walls

Looking out from a body that's barely my own

Much more was missing then my broken bones


All rise and sit just as quick

Barely holding back the urge to be sick

Denial of rights through barbed tongues

Justice has failed and justice is swift


Ideas exchanged, formalities and pleas

Only in a few months time, he lives to wonder free

To maim and horrify the same as before

Leaving me to ask 

"Who even gives a shit about me?"


Enjoyment and luxury

Because who dares deny the wicked their humanity

Rewarded and praised for their sanity

The wicked are angels and the innocent condemned

In a hell that's crooked and reversed


Arbiters detached, removed and in comfort

Unaware of the feelings of pain

The feeling of falling from grace

Because what is my pitiful life worth


Worth nothing at all...



The End

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