If pain is a battlefield

Then choose your weapons

Cause a war’s beginning

Inside of you


Sharpen your blades

Load your guns

Ready your stations

Prepare for the attack


Shots ring out from behind

It’s a sneak attack

You try to run

But you’re barricaded


On one side

There’s love

On the other

There’s hate


Choose your side

Before it’s too late

Too scared to love

Love too much to hate


You’re stuck in limbo

Unloved and forgotten

Love exists no more

So you turn to hate


You hate everyone

You hate yourself most

So instead of shooting the enemy

You shoot yourself


You carve yourself with your sword

Into someone you wish to be

The blade scares you

Because you know what it can do



It's not the blade that scares you

It’s you

You’re the only one

Who can destroy yourself

And you’re doing a mighty fine job

The End

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