"Destiny That Can't Change"

For people divided by oceans...but connected by their hearts...

Distance foretold

Centuries ago 

Curses make us unable to hold 

The one we love, and so...

Pain deepens, and still 

Though there's despair...

Seemingly everywhere 

We find the will

To hold onto the love we feel 

For them so deep in our hearts 

Time for us does not pass and we do not decay 

Our spirits, at least, will always be this way 

Our bodies fill with age 

No matter how many wars we wage

So why spend time fighting? 

It's our souls that seem to be uniting 

And the essence of space

That fills what used to be a void

Can't ever replace

What will eventually be destroyed...

But we have now 

And somehow 

Though times get rough 

Still, for us, it's enough 

Because we love them 

And will be there for them...

No matter 

The End

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