Destiny éh?

I'm still wondering how this poem started creeping or say crawling from destiny to luck to fruit of your own Karma.
Just a Moralé booster to be precise. :))
I hope you guys like it

Fate decides and does it too
never pleasing the greed of me and you

Ample time we do take
to realize that it is we who make
our destiny and all about us,
a perfect hit or just a Misfit.

Luck does happen,
why wait for it?
Do what you want.
Go! Get it!

All your excuses are just too lame
Winners win and losers blame.

You think or think not, you’re right!
The future is the fruit of your very own plight

Bad does happen, not to make you sour.
Stop not! Till the goal is yours


The End

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