When does the endless worrying

Lessen to soon end?

Maybe someday hope will reward with worth.

I was shaking when I walked up to the clerk

Trembled and quaking

The money was spent yet again

On another clean slated ticket.

Every time I attempt the trek,

The ride seems to only circle and return

From one station back to the same.

Does the rest of the world even exist?

Maybe someday I will go somewhere.

I could have never fathomed the fact

That buying a train ticket was so irritating.

You worry too much, the clerk says,

Destination I pray, destination.

But we are only traveling a track of destiny.

I am of full certainty that where the tracks circle

There is also a route where they lay straight

And one day I tell the clerk

One day the trains wont turn,

Your best customer will be long gone,

Money will still be left in my pocket,

Not all will be spent on aimless rides.

My waltz with worry will be to a beautiful song

Until on one ride, unexpectedly, someone else got on

Asking if they could sit with me,

And we sat together

As the tracks circled around

We, as expected, travel back to the station we came from,

But buying a new ticket isn’t irritating anymore

It is filled with a different hope,

A hope with a greater potential for worth.

It wasn’t the destination that was forever faulted

It was the destiny.

Your heart always lies within your body

Just as worry does

No matter where you end up,

But because the rest of the world does exist,

Love will never lessen to soon end.

The End

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