Prayers prayers I'm calling out to you

Nothing can save me please give me a clue

I'm drowning in my sorrows 

Hoping to see the light of tomorrow's 

Sunrise it's meant to be beautiful 

I shout to you and oh 

My heart aches with such desire 

Others call me a liar 

For believing in such a concept 

Too big for them they will comment 

With ignorance and judgement 

I will not descent

To their level of disrespect 

Most claims they make are not even correct

So why fight a battle already won

For we have the son

Of the Lord who has saved us

But where is all the fuss

Over our savior 

Who forgives our sinful behavior 

A society so congested with misplaced idols

When really we should focus on the Bible's

Words and teachings to lead us to redemption 

Because in heaven sinners receive no exemption

The Lord approaches willing to forgive

But you must also be willing to give 

No one enters the Kingdom

Without knowing what God's done

You must bask in the glow of His grace

And be grateful he accepts you into His loving embrace 

Call out to Him in desperation 

Our Lord, our Savior, God of Creation

Forgive my sins and give me solace

For you are the one who is completely flawless

I am desperate for you love 

The one thing I am empty of

And I ask you Christ, our Lord

To grant me this awesome reward.

The End

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