This is a piece of erotica. It is graphic by nature, but artfully so. Feel free to give feedback, and enjoy!

I like to play with myself
Enjoying my fingers between my legs
Feeling delight from stroking--rubbing
My clit and pussy
Nice and wet
The growing ache for more

Sensations overtaking
Back arching
All for you

My nipples harden
At your kiss
As you run your fingers through my hair
Lips easing down my neck
Your hands lightly trace around and cup my breasts
As tongue and fingertips
Slowly trail across
Naked skin
I open my eyes
Rocked by an orgasm
First one
Then as I keep touching
The sensitive flesh
Another, three, four times

Your love

Each climax stronger
Energized as I scream
Calling out for you  
Whimpering with sin
I lay in the throws of ecstasy
Panting from pleasure
As you fade
Into my dreams

The End

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