I, girl, may like you, boy.

But between the two of us,

we have a pair of hearts more

scar tissue than beating; and four

hands reaching out desperately

for the ghosts of love slipping

through these fingertips.

We both know the meaning

of the word longing far more than

we should. And desire is just another

crack, a break forever in our already

crumbling ribcages. You and I

both know that desire comes

from the Latin, sidus. That means

star. To desire means wanting to bring

the stars down to you. But you and I both

know that to obtain the objects of our

desire has the same likelihood of

happening as staying up all

night and urging the stars down

to earth. You and I call out other names

in our sleep; neither of us is looking for love –

just someone to hold through the night.

Maybe I, girl, love you, boy; or maybe

it’s just your smile. In the darkness,

it’s hard to tell the difference.

The End

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