Designed To Fall

About a girl who appears to be evil on the outside, but just does it to stop her self from feeling vulnerable

Kicking and screaming out at the world

Clawing, scratching her way through to your soul

Hopeless, vulnerable, a broken little girl

When life was a wildfire, she just lost control


I'll eat away at your heart like a dog

As I feel myself come under an attack

I'll devour this loathing like a lion

I've gone beyond the point of turning back


She's exploited, but reflecting it double onto you

She's heartbroken, but willing to do the same

Sadistic to the core, heart blacker than coal

Somehow as the scapegoat, you'll absorb the blame


What if I could make you a better person

But you can only serve with instincts to destroy

Love and reason, cast aside with the seasons

Hearts are broken like children's toys


I'll believe in you, if you can fight once more

Breathe in and the suspense is heightening

Friends unaware of what you mourn within

Unapologetic they toil on further, it's frightening

I think I'll close us within this bubble, bolting shut the door


It's becoming her, this urge to self-destruct

Love is a barrier, designed to obstruct

She's angry but afraid, haemorraging luck

Designed to fail, to bleed and to corrupt

The End

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