Deserves to Be Saved

This is about a friend who has been through a lot and wants to get away from it all. This is my way of begging her not to.

I read your poems

And honestly, I’m afraid

Because I think someone like you

Deserves to be saved


You say they aren’t true

But the emotion is so real

That I can’t help but wonder

Is that how she really feels?


You’ll find him one day

Your night in shining armor

But as the relationships come and go

The search seems to get harder


You’re an amazing friend

You’ve always been there for me

When other friends were lost

Barking up the wrong tree


You have a talent with music

That I envy

You express yourself with the bass

So that you don’t fade into a frenzy


I haven’t known you for years

Like many others have

But I’ve seen enough

And what I’ve seen isn’t too bad


With your life experiences

I’m amazed by your strength

I wouldn’t have been able to go on

For time of that length


So now you know

Why I get afraid…

You’re someone who deserves to be saved


The End

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