I thought of this after seeing some clips of Holocaust survivors. Forgetting risks forgetting the falls of humanity.

I'm sorry, desensitized?

Are you deaf to their cries,

Blind to the pain in their eyes?

There's something about you,

Something that makes it all true,

The simple fact that you've lost it.

Strange thing, they say, humanity,

Crescendo, decrescendo in a twisted melody-

It's missing, the beat that ties you to me,

The stable one-two that makes a heartbeat.

To be honest, you've lost your bass,

When you decided to forget that face,

Or the faces, I should say,

Seeing as their stories multiply by the day.

This is a close-kept secret of mine,

The symphony of eyes that shine-

It doesn't end with a double-bar line. 

All it takes is one look,

One wander into life's book,

And you will remember

What it is to be. 

The End

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