Hovv can  let you know?
Let you know that something,
something is wrong?

Play loud music? Shout?
No that makes me nothing,
nothing more than ordinary.

shut myself away? Close
doors and read myself
into a different world?

Just a mood, he's
just an introvert.

How about breaking my
hands? doors? skin?
No? I'm just an idiot?

So how do I tell you,
how do I break the news?

A limp lifeless body,
hanging from string?
Knot, noose and neck?

Or convulsions and screaming
as acid devours me,
burning inside out?

Would trails of blood,
tracks across my wrists
lead you to the conclusion?

We have started.
Where will we end?
How far will you push?
How much must I bend?
Going to make me break?
My life for your happiness spend?

The End

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