Answer me Pleas

Drowning in self-pity,
self confidence waning
got little to none,
still shining, smiling
when all happiness is gone.

Just hit a brick wall
going from ninety to dead slow,
thought I'd get used to
going from mile high to two low,
thought it'd be rhythmic, to and fro.

Can’t help thinking is this supposed to be?
Am I supposed to know me?
Stumbling in the darkness,
locked in my mind, got no key.
Am I gone insane? Am I just a mess?

Why can’t I see the light at the end?
Is this the last low, or will I rise again?
Light can’t reach me when I’m locked in this abyss.
Is my mind broke? Will it ever mend?
I wish I knew for sure, but I’m clueless.

I’m at the bottom of the ocean,
life’s pushing down on me,
there’s no need, reason for motion
ten thousand leagues down in the deep blue sea
bubbles escape, rise, can I follow their fashion?

I’ve got no answers,
no-one to turn to,
an old man with cancer
ebola and the flu,
what are his chances?
this I ask you.

The End

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