Depression is a Drug

Depression is a drug

That is hidden in your brain

An imbalance of serotonin

Traveling through your veins

It leaves you feeling tired

It leaves you feeling sick

If your habits get out of hand

It sometimes makes you trip

Until you're in a fog

And you do not know what's real

It makes everything confusing

And you don't know how you feel

All you know is that it's negative

Emotions like anger or hate

You may have a moment of clarity

And in that moment, you want to escape

The crippling vice of sickness

 To which you are now forever bound

Escape the evil voices

Before they become the only sound

But after you feel it once

You have to feel it again

Even if you don't want it

It wants to be your friend

It will never leave you alone

It will haunt you through and through

It will use you until there's nothing left

Of the person you thought was you

Because you are a ghost of the happiness

That you once took for granted

And you just aren't good enough to feel good anymore

You feel like you are tainted

And when that seed of that particular thought

Grows within your mind

You choose a life of misery

And to happiness, you are blind

There may be a sliver of a chance

That one day, it will stop

But until then, I'm sad to say

In despair, you will rot.

The End

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