Depressed FigureMature

Why am I this depressed figure that people pay no attention to? Why am I not wanted or even thought of? A hood covers my face while I walk in the rain. Eyeliner is smeared down my cheeks. Is it from the rain or the tears? All people know is I'm just a waste of time or a mistake. I watch others walking by, smiling and laughing. How do they do it without wondering how long it will last before it's destroyed? Thoughts run free; my deepest thoughts. Why does the sky cry with us? How does it become happy the next day? It's like us-- mixed feelings, just wanting to get them out. We all look for monsters in the closet and under the bed until we realize they're inside of us. We are the reason we are so hurt inside; Because of the choices we make in life and the mistakes we regret. Why can't we all get along? Why is someone always alone? We enter the world alone, We leave the world alone. So it's better to be alone.


The End

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