departures in my life

"All Aboard!"

the antique man in his well-pressed but fading uniform

of classic wool and polished brass, he calls in booming voice,

as he always does, so dutifully,

every day, at this scheduled hour,

this Gabriel of sad farewells,

this closer of the doors on last good-byes,

"All Aboard!"

the antique man calls once more,

with urgent declaration,

so it has come to this,

the parting time,

we kiss, you cry,

and me?

i sigh,

a tender touch,  a one last gaze,

and then as if finally yielding to fateful destinies,

from down the line, far from here,

the mighty wheels of steel grab hold of miles of iron,

as once more, i stand and wave midst clouds of steam,

to be left behind,

always left behind again.

so many good-byes,

so many good-byes,

and far too few hellos,

in this growing land of loneliness

where lives an aging man

who stands each day,

on the worn out platform planks,

beneath the watch of the station clock,

where trains that once arrived on time,

now keep departing o'er and o'er.








The End

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