the blueprint of a love story is manifested as the two come together after hiting a dead end.

The whole setting was a garden.

Different species altogether.

Characterized by a season of breaks and returns.

In my mind there was peace.

The sun was love,

Every morning, he licked the dew off our faces, and we enjoyed the feeling.

Again, the winds of a new beginning, the taste of having to be planted on a new ground was pleasant.

Life was really euphoric.

My life was complete because there was just three of us,

Me myself and I; yeah, just us but it was in our hands.

In the garden, interestingly we had the luxury of movement.

I had the chance of meeting different shades of flowers.

Ones created by the hand of a great architect. They were real.

Everything was okay……. for a time.

One early morning, driven by the waves of the imaginary grand cosmic plan, I woke up involuntarily.

I woke up so very early that I experienced the beauty of a lifetime. It was sensational.

The sun was awake too. Something that interestingly really never happens in our world.

Left astounded by something this phenomenal, I wanted to believe this was real; and that was the genesis of the problem. The cradle of these demons.

I took of my gaze only to realize the beautiful sun had awoken a specie amongst us.

This one was controlled by the magnificence of the sun.

They shared a bond that was architecturally designed,

Within this specie was a daughter of perfection. She was dark.

The view was a conjugate focus of my desire. Indescribable, unquenchable and the sight from a distance kept the chlorophyll in me racing like an artesian well.

I decided to sleep but insomnia had anointed my pillow.

The sheets of my mind were the screens that received the projection of this flower; The flower of the sun, or perhaps the sun’s flower.

I wanted more than just the gaze;

This was the fuel that kept my demons alive, the energy that prolonged their life, like the ring did to Gollum.

We met, I saw her YES! But I wanted more.

There was this repulsion that created a fog every time the chance came to…

But my mental clouds were heavy with caution and sinages.

Sinages which gave me alternate routes.

They were very attractive but the price tags were scary. Each time I came to a consensus, the whistle of responsibility brought out the feeling of unworthiness

I couldn’t comprehend this.

I asked myself every time “Do I let this go?”

I asked myself so many times. I was torn in two; stranded in my thoughts, “I cannot be fully devoted and yet I do not have my own ways.”

These were the demons …they had life,

Unfortunately for me, they had been immortalized by my genetic makeup, yeah my nature.

Demons that had been weaponized by me to harm me.

I tried to free myself from this web that almost killed Frodo but the obsession….

It was a spot beneath my nostril.

Each time I got so close to freedom, the secretion of the whole feeling of “want unsatisfied” came flushing like the experience of a rave in the 1900’s

 Fate with mercy smiled on me just as it is said in Ecclesiastes about the seasons “everything has its time”

There was an unsuccessful event that changed the whole story. Took a twist.

A wedge of space had been driven between us, and set us apart like two opposite rays.

Soon after the fall, I learned to build this temporal wall of resistance…then the healing begun.

Emotionally I had crossed the threshold of stability and thus those demons had lost their power.

I starved them like a hunter would a vampire.

Then I locked these things…. I became a free man, walked a free but not a safe life.

The garden had become a labyrinth. My world had narrowed to secrecy but I was happy.

I lived my life and she lived hers

Our story had a blueprint, nature knew, the architect made it.

We definitely headed towards a dead end until we could see the handwriting on the wall…

I saw it in my language and she saw it in hers,

Like the language of tongues, the meaning was the same.

Our thoughts were at the same pace, and nature found a way of syncing us.

Now we meet again on a clean sheet after our mess,

Triggering memories that was before the doom of the intended union.

Now the demons have awoken, their strength increasing exponentially.

History is repeating itself




The End

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