Demons inside us

Every moment to fear,

Forever holding back internal tears.

Life- so complicated,

forever indecisive.

The world too big, too scary,

my mind so full of queries.

Never certain, never happy,

each decision could be deadly.

An escapes impossible,

every outcomes implausible.

Sinking under water,

Always being taken for a martyr.


The pain runs so deep,

Barely able to sleep,

Tossing and turning,

Hoping and yearning.


Sanity strays away,

Leaving me to fall further every day.

Nothing to hold on to,

Another’s touch too late, too few.

Watching the world around you decay

Feeling thankful you’ve lasted yet another day.


This prison holds me tight,

Forever losing this never ending fight,

Though day in, day out I try with all my might.

A danger to myself, to others,

Every thought a constant stutter.

My soul is stuck, buried too deep,

The hills surrounding me- too steep,

Always destined for defeat.


A never ending nightmare,

Forever feeling scared.

Every moment to fear,

Forever holding back internal tears.


Anxiety- my demon, my master,

Attempts against it result in disaster.

What is anxiety? But the worlds

clingiest, most hateful bastard.

The End

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