I Wrote A PoemMature

I wrote a poem yesterday
It wasn't any good, so I threw it away
I lit the world on fire, or maybe just myself
I took out a book, and put it back on the shelf
I could read the writing without the words
I could fly like the birds
High above your point of view
This world has gone askew, and there's nothing anyone can do
Except maybe you, if you believed it were true
Why bother living when it's in a black hole?
Awaken your soul
Crawl out of bed and live life as a dream
Nothing is ever what it seems
Except when it's right in front of your eyes
But you still can't see it because you're blind
You never know what you'll find when you don't look
Life is an open book, empty and waiting
Fill out the page
Whatever your tale is, let it be told
Always be bold, never timid
There's no limits, just freedom ahead
But you have to get out of bed this time
Self doubt is your only crime
Just give it time, don't live life in a straight line
You'll be just fine, but you have to let go
And let the words flow
And never admit there's anything you know
There's always room to grow
So exist in the space between, and put on your show 

The End

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