I don't know if right now you could tell
But I'm like a hermit crab without its shell
My reality's an emotional hell
Don't know when or how hard I fell
But I'd sell my emotions if emotions could sell
Well, it's all swell, but now I can't get up
I'm like a defenseless pup, gotta get my defenses up
Pincers up, don't fail me now
Friends bail on me now
Attacks on me, I can't allow
And I'd fix me if I only knew how
But it's too late now, and you could hate me now
You could save me now, if you could relate somehow

I've got no self control
Been living in a black hole
And you could rape my soul
'Cause I'm so vulnerable

And it's so damn cold
In this damn black hole
Rip apart my soul
'Cause I'm so vulnerable

So I'll swing to the left and I'll swing to the right
Verbally knocking out every motherfucker in sight
'Cause it's my right, and you're all so damn uptight
So it's no surprise you weren't prepared for this fight
Well I may be wrong, and I sure as hell ain't right
So pass me a light, and we'll make it anarchy night

I've got no self control
Vapid as a black hole
And I could rape your soul
I'll make you vulnerable

And it's so damn cold
Suck you in a black hole
Rip apart your soul
Make you feel vulnerable 

The End

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