Welcome to HellMature

Welcome to Hell, where the sinners dwell
Shrug your shoulders and say, "Oh well"
It's not exactly Heaven, but it'll have to do
I mean, you don't really have a choice now, do you?
"But wait, I'm not evil, how can this be?"
Ah you've got a lot to learn, you see 
Most of us aren't evil, per say
I guess God just didn't approve of our ways
But don't be sad, it's not so bad
Heaven's a fad
They think they're so righteous, they think they're so pure
But we know better, we know for sure
We're free, you see?
No rules, no way to be
Just us and this inferno for all eternity
So for all those in Heaven who think that you've won
Just remember, in Hell we have more fun 

The End

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