Demons in My BedMature

Another collection of poetry, the next and middle chapters. A dark time period...

Demons in my bed breed demons in my head
Every night I'm weak, it's the perfect time to sneak
Do its evil deeds, off my soul it feeds
Evil consumes me, it soothes me
Don't resist, it's useless
Lay motionless
Static vibrations, my vision blurred
Unknown duration, can't speak a word
How long will I remain?
Attempts to fight it are in vain
Are you from inside? Inside of my mind?
Am I a victim of myself, or do you come from Hell?
If Hell even exists
Why do you insist on invading my dreams?
I'm not as helpless as I seem
No you won't take control, got to fight for my soul
My strength you try to take, while I'm not awake
Indulgence and sin, what a state I'm in
Maybe you'll win
Take my control
I'll sell you my soul if I have a soul to sell
Spend eternity in Hell
Or maybe I'm just crazy
Not thinking straight in my hazy dream state 
It's just a dream, they say
But who's to know for sure?
Who's to say they've seen reality's core?
People think they know more and more
What are we fighting for?
Work so hard, but where's your reward?
What makes you so sure Heaven's got room for you?
"Sorry but we're full, and God was never fond of you" 

The End

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