Demons Arrive

It's about a lover either ignoring or being unaware of the sins and crimes that the one they love has committed

I looked into her eyes, she is so perfect to me

But unbeknown to me and my tunnelled vision 

Her soul is an untamed, wild monster

Between love and power, a heart ripping schism 


I held hands with her, and we skipped through the city together

I knew I could've ran with her, smiling forever

I'll never know a love like this again

I'll never feel such horror like this again


Behind the visions of lust and the mirage of love

Comes venomous anger and a thirst for blood 

The world will know the woman I came to love

As the one to drown the world in the flood


Night falls and she torments her own

Her own people come to suffer and she expects gratitude

Neglected by angels, demons come to consume

Power and possession, pave the road to corruption

And the horrors of her deeds, bridge the path of her greed


I know now, how she betrayed me

The wounds of hers self-inflicted

Darkness captivates the weak and conflicted


A heart beats no longer

Because she souled herself for a grip on riches 

Shedding her skin in the name of power

As the faceless fade and die in the hours


A day will arrive

To change the status quo of time

She will fall, drain her of the will to survive

I will never know, a bond like this

I will never know power, or love's bliss 



The End

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