No Point Fighting the TidesMature

High Tide

I’ve been dragged under,
blues and greens flitting across my vision-
this is my Russian roulette.
hold my breath and watch the sky
watch the stars shift in blue-green hues.

Low tide

Its funny how clear I can see the world around me,
aerial view,
bird up above, high in the sky,
on the outside looking in
on all the things that I’ve missed
because I
skipped over one kiss,
forgot an ‘I love you’,
and just how much I loved you-
hard to think of anyone ever replacing you
but I’m trying.
I'm not quite sure why
but this clarity
is tearing me

High tide

I’m back under the waves-
have you ever laid out on the shoreline,
in that small intermittent space
where the waves crash down and dissipate?
It’ll drag you under,
the very sand slipping out beneath you,
carving out your grave.
there is nothing to hold on to,
because its all running away from you
and just as you get a grasp on something bordering reality
it all slips away again
and you’re drowning

The End

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