Adrift on the Ocean of ConsciousnessMature

High tide

Confusion comes in waves

And although clarity saves

The truth is

Even clarity enslaves


Because in these brief moments of lucidity

I see these monster are just facets of me

But once I crash back into the delusions

It will once again be only demons and devils I see


In truth I don’t know which state is more terrifying

Both are in their own curious ways horrifying

I don't seem to be getting any better

And I’m about ready to give up trying


I know that I am not alone but I feel so disconnected

I don’t think I am wrong – yet still I stand corrected

For I do not trust to be alone with myself

Yet with others I have always felt neglected, dejected – rejected


Visitors appear at my bedside and vanish again

Faces I probably knew way back when

People I probably loved once upon a time

But I’ve grown cold and distant since then


Low tide


Prey tell me demon - as you wear my face and know me so well

Why is it so easy to say?

“This is me, here I am!”

But so damned difficult to ask?

“Is this me, am I here?”


And what are these burgeoning sexual desires I am to mask with shame?

“Demon I am yours! I am yours to claim!”

I find myself screaming as I drift amongst the lost and the damned

“Oh, who to blame? Who to blame?”


Seconds pass like hours and minutes turn to days

I can’t confront it, cannot even meet its gaze

It is fat, and ugly and selfish

Yet I insincerely sing its praise


I finally make my dark descent to the very bowels of hell

I’m afraid the devils and demons know this well

Bit I cannot resist, I am nothing but a shell

A vessel utterly under their demonic spell


The End

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