The Demon in the MirrorMature

'There are things here that don't belong'

The thought loops over and over in my head like a siren's song

I feel paralysed, weak and worthless

And I'm not wrong


For I cannot escape the goddamn finality

Or the ridiculous banality

Which has become my reality

And I have no one else to blame but me


I realize now no matter these demons are portrayed

They are utterly clichéd

And although they each wear my own face

I've never looked more dismayed


For in truth all of the things in this place that don't belong

Are all aspects of me, each broken and wrong

And no matter how hard I try to put the pieces back together

They are like out-of-place lyrics - that don't fit the song


And though I talk of lights, of hope, and of being made whole

In truth there is no beacon to this bitter soul

Instead it is forged of blackest coal

A demon fit for a demon's role.

The End

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