Demon Wings

A story based on another world in the form of poetry about people who have evolved wings and are battling prejudice.

There lies a world, somewhere out there, not different from our own,

Past stars and suns and luminescent moons, far beyond places we have ever flown.

The world is in a time that we don't yet comprehend,

But the people of that world, show humanity has no end.

It is the change in the planet with which this story is concerned,

A story that makes it clear, people never learn.

A story of prejudice, a story with no light,

A story of tragedy, a story with fright.

It all began with the birth of a girl,

with bright blue eyes and white blonde curls.

but this girl was not normal, by any means,

Her name was Willow and she was not as she seemed.

For when she was born, she had pure black wings,

Her mother had begged "Get rid of those things!"

But the Doctors concluded that Willow would die,

and her mother abandoned her, left her to cry.

Willow was found by a kind old man,

His wife said "We can't" but he insisted "We can".

And they brought up Willow, to be a healthy child,

Playful, yet modest. Strong, yet mild.

At the same time not far away from Willow,

Another mother gave birth, grasping her pillow.

As a boy by the name of Desmond took his first breath,

His mother breathed her last, she was taken by death.

Desmond's father was not a kind person,

and after his wife's death, he just seemed to worsen.

He had heard of these children, being born with black wings,

And concluded that they had not been born from his God's loving springs.

"Demons!" He cried at his church one morning,

and unfortunately his congregation seemed to heed his warning.

"Omens that caused my wife to die!" He shouted.

And none in that room questioned, not one doubted.

It was then that the hunting began,

the hunting for creatures like Willow in a Demon Hunters clan.

He brought up Desmond strictly under his roof,

and Desmond grew to be a skinny child, sombre and aloof.

One day when Desmond was just 10 years old,

he wandered through a frosty field, when the day was grey and cold.

He came across a pretty girl, with bright blue eyes and white blonde curls,

who wore a short blue dress and pure white pearls.

But Desmond noticed something was not right,

He jumped back in horror, he jumped back in fright.

The pretty girl, much to Desmond's distress

had pure black wings poking from the back of her dress.

She looked at him in wonder, and before he turned and ran,

She shouted "I won't hurt you! I just want to play, please tell me I can."

He stopped in his tracks, turned round to her and said "Are you a demon?"

To which she laughed and replied "Are you a mad man?"

Desmond smiled, and they started to play,

Pretty soon it turned cold again, it was the end of the day.

Willow hugged Desmond goodbye and started to sing,

Her voice was so sweet, Desmond's eyes started to sting.

Then Willow flew off  back to her home, but low to the ground.

She didn't want to be discovered, she didn't want to be found.

Desmond wandered off back home to his dad,

Who was furious he'd been away for so long, he was almost mad.

Desmond spoke of the girl with the wings,

And his father threw him against the wall in one fling.

He rallied the hunters, and into the night they went,

To fight the so-called Demon, the creature of hellish descent.

Willow looked out of the window, and saw the hunters coming,

She roused her adopted father and mother, and together they started running.

Willow felt the need to fly away, but leave her parents behind? Not today.

 The hunters closed in for a longed for kill, but could not find where the family lay.

That night they managed to escape with their lives,

Whilst Desmond was beaten, barely left alive.

And Willow remained hidden until her teenage years,

Constantly thinking of Desmond and crying bitter tears.

In adolescence, Desmond was as scrawny as ever,

Thinking he'd be trapped under his father's thumb forever.

But one night, Desmond daringly snuck out into the dark,

Not for eternity, just to the park.

It was there that he heard the sweet nightingale voice,

The voice that made his eyes sting, that made him want to rejoice.

He looked up a tree, and a teen girl sat there, with bright blue eyes and white blonde hair.

And though pure black wings poked out of her dress, it didn't cause Desmond any distress.

Willow looked down, and grinned at him.

Desmond thought "How could a creature like that be steeped in sin?"

Willow flew down, and whispered sadly "I never thought I'd find you"

And Desmond whispered back even quieter "Me too."

Willow's adopted parents had both sadly died,

But their death had been right and completely dignified.

Willow had flown back to her childhood home,

Where she'd been hoping Desmond was having a roam.

In the moonlight they danced, and then both took flight,

But no one was there to drink in the beautiful sight.

The moved their faces together and drew in for a kiss,

Chaste and sweet, the melody of first love's bliss.

Then suddenly, Desmond noticed the sun rising,

His time had run short, there was no disguising.

With another kiss, and a sad farewell,

Desmond returned to his house, hoped his father couldn't tell.

And Willow flew straight back into the woods,

Where she was determined to stay for as long as she could.

To stay with her new love, the handsome young boy,

Who was sallow and pale, and more than a little coy.

Week after week, they met in the night,

Just until the embers of dawn's first light.

But Desmond's father knew that something was wrong,

He saw the effect of love's harmonious song.

It was then that he followed Desmond to the clearing,

And the anger the sight caused him was nothing more than searing.

He ran from the 'demon' and his poor possessed son,

To grab a few Demon Hunters, and his favourite gun.

Willow and Desmond did not recognise the danger,

They could not sense the presence of strangers.

They could not feel the burn of hatred,

Because of the tiny world of love they had created.

Then suddenly, an angry cry,


Willow turned round and looked sadly at the men,

Who merely raised their guns, fearfully and then...

Desmond stepped in front of his truest love,

As the bullets flew through the air, Willow soared above.

In a panic, she had leapt, and left Desmond alone,

He faced the bullets, and collapsed with a groan.

Desmond's father cried out "You stupid fool!"

His son, Desmond deserved to die, he'd broken the rules.

And Willow flew down and cradled him in her arms,

"I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't mean you any harm."

Desmond smiled and whispered gently,

"I'm glad I didn't treat you any differently"

And then he expired, right there in Willow's embrace,

And the Hunters threatened Willow, to give chase.

She merely looked up and stared into their eyes,

"Well shoot me then. My death is of no surprise."

And without hesitation the Hunters lifted their guns,

And Desmond's father killed the love that had been his son's.

The two lovers lay, in the deathly white park,

Unbreathing and unseeing, their souls faded to the dark.

The Hunters cheered and rejoiced at their deaths,

Desmond's father didn't smile, but never felt bereft.

And the legacy of Willow and Desmond lived on that lonely world,

About the scrawny young boy, and the girl with the curls.

For years there were more black winged people born everyday,

But more being killed, day after day.

Then finally 100 years after Desmond and Willow,

After the birth of a boy who's mother clutched at a pillow.

A flood reached their planet, and the winged people flew to the mountains,

Whilst the Hunters and the Judges drowned in the planet's fountains.

And the winged people live there, happier still,

They do not fight and they do not kill.

The soar through the air, as free as birds,

I hope you learn, from what you have heard.

The End

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