Demise Solitudinous

You're what makes me want to change.
If only I could find you
In this cascade of falling bodies.
Stay for a moment please,
You know we're all afraid.

Parade down the streets,
Smile, we're made for this

If God let you lie by my side
I could die happy, 
But as it's going,
I'll die with nothing but a grin on my lips and a knife in my hands

So here we fall again,
We look so sleek when we're dying,
And the same stories fall open again

Now here's a thought,
We are the dying spiders,
And I'm being picked apart again

I always thought that opposites attract
But now I know that love is a hoax,
And my eyes are glued shut.

So currently, the only currency is sex in secular circles
And we're all going to die alone.

The End

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