Academic Hell - Part OneMature

I don't need your rules, I don't need your regulations,

I don't want to think inside the box, that box is a fucking prison cell.

I don't need you to shape my thoughts, I don't need you to psychoanalyse me,

'Cause I am my own person and I hate this penitentiary that you like to call



The bullying little monsters swarm like flies in an open wound, pus and blood,

The same scum that you're made of; rule us from above in your heated office while we

Freeze half to death in the winter and melt in the summer.


"Oh I'm sure they were just kidding, Kathleen."

"It's not all that serious, you just need to get on with it."

Ignore my problems before preaching anti-bullying schemes to adoring parents

Who swallow that bullshit, now I'm speaking out, I am sick of you all.


You encourage us to "be ourselves" while you punish free-thinkers and

Dole out punishments for individuality; don't let us ask questions in case you

Don't know the answers.


I'm burning in academic hell, the guardians of conformity stab me for every thought

But now I'm speaking out.

The End

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