Lacerated wings of angels burnt in hell,

The liars, the abused who took the gun into their own hands,

I will get my revenge, I will lock you inside the walls of pain and

You will know what it is to suffer.


One day the bloody tears will stop, I'll tear your claws

Out of my eyes, now I can see that you are just another meaningless human;

For I am not Man's greatest fan.


The ones who shunned and mocked and loathed, they will feel the

Ragged edge of the blade, they will drown in their own vomit, half-blinded by

Pain, the end of your time here lurks in the shadows.


Hell didn't want you, I wouldn't waste bullets on your empty skull,

Pathetic and weak, you fed on my misery like a pulse of maggots,

Bigger, stronger, vile and twisted, cutting deep and scarring forever,

Mercilessly devouring every drop of blood I spilt for you, now it's time for you to





The End

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