*Author's note - Classic angel-of-darkness - yeahh, bringin' back the old school ;)


You cut deeper every time, eroding rivers, a pulse of crimson,

Blades shine like eyes in the darkness, the deepest corners of your mind,

A dust of memories like crushed diamonds, stone to death the one who has already



The metamorphosis is fraught with peril.

What have you become?

The scars at the corner of your mouth split and

Bleed with every curse

Called into a god-forsaken place.


And suddenly the pain doesn't hurt anymore, the numbness is

A wall, a wall of self-deception, oh, it looks worse than it is,

I caught myself on a nail, I scraped it climbing a fence.


I know the truth, we all know the truth, but the truth is a tumour

And lies are spider-webs, a venomous tangle, please don't

Cry for me 'cause now I'm free.

The End

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