Dies InsideMature

Caged like a lion,

Barred chambers unrelenting, blood dries on my

Lips, beneath my nails, the medication comes in waves, the

Specialist's conversation is okay; but now the lights have blighted

My peaceful darkness,

Devour me and rot my frozen heartstrings.


Choking on your prayers and pills, if there's a god then he's a

Sadistic freak; the needles bruise, my flesh is branded red and

Black, blue, rainbows; fireworks beneath closed eyes, I hope it all

Dies inside.


Blistering and blister-packed, all weeping tears like

Broken diamonds, plastic jewels, there's worthlessness beneath the

Silver, scrape the skin away and

Hang me on your cross of lies, I hope it

Dies inside.

The End

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