Misogynistic FreakMature

Gang-rapists ruling fucked-up places, put me in chains and

Hit me with sticks, tell me that I'm not worthy, your misogyny is a

Poisonous cloud.


So I'm "mentally inferior" to you? Don't make me laugh,

Go play with your blow-up doll, your Barbie

Fantasies make me want to scream, I am worth more than your

Dreams of whips and mutilation, am I nothing more than

A piece of meat, a moulded bit of plastic?


Stupid arguments, just keep your god away from my rights and

Go back to your world of gender roles and machines, I could beat you

In a fight of wits or fists, I'll spill your blood, let's see how you like it now.


You misogynist freak, over-compensating with your idealisms of manliness,

Preaching hatred to your brain-dead masses; well now I'm fighting back,

I'll watch you scream through waves of mutilation.

We'll see who's the weaker sex when you shriek out your prayers through a mist of



You sexist freak, you will get yours...

The End

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