#657230 - 84 - 020 - 023/08Mature

Broken lipsticks, your gold-dust decay contaminates the pretty

Wings of creatures glittering in the pulses of flickering minds

And damaged worth, a scratched CD, a string of broken music,

Diamond rains to wash the filth from your sins and

Safety-pinned nightmares.


Prisons gleam like mirrors in the light of what you might

Do to yourself, this cage is what you deserve, you are their

Animal and whore, they lock you away in the dust.


The scars are faded and skin-white now, the

Disciplinary measures only make the anger scream through

Your needle-ridden veins,

Please don't let go of your spirited ways, don't let them

Sew your eyes shut.


We all hate each other and that's why I idolise you,

'Cause anger is a gift above all those we learn from bibles.

Don't let go and I won't let you die inside.

The End

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