Grim Reaper RealitiesMature

Low murmurs of hopelessness, pulling and eroding tides of dark oceans

In my mind; the seas are so polluted with nightmare poisons, throwaway thoughtcrimes,

Holy Divers die in the abyss of murdered dreams, this is the land of

Lost things, come in, just leave

Yourself outside.


Abandoned lyrics tangled in bone-fragile hopes, they scream out

For salvation, like forsaken infants,

Left to rot and thrown to the wolves of starving personas;

Amputated alter-egos.


Empty, hollow heartbeats echoed in cavernous chambers,

Cold lips on reaper-dry necks, all bloodless, star-white lacerations,

Fallen ruins of sanity, enter my guardian angel, heaven's zombie draped in

Tattered bits of my skin, wings beat with relentless monotony, welcome to

Hell and all that inhabit it.


Don't look to the light at the start of the tunnel, just clamber forwards,

Join the fallen in our dungeon realities.





The End

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