Just a StatisticMature

"I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist. I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit" - Marilyn Manson.


Shadow people, bored gods, restless spirits like dead flies in cobwebs, dismembered and

Stabbed mid-worship; caught in the act of unmotivated abuse, just leaning against the

Frosted glass, a crush of bodies peering into chambers, eyes full of nothing, they drain my

Mind and wrists, rust each thought with their blind loyalty,

If the angels are watching us always then what kind of perverts are they? I love your talk of

Accidental defilement and apparitions that never existed.


Your talk of "prayers being answered" is redundant, save it for the Americans,

I don't believe it, where is your god when people are dying, medicine outweighs the value of

Your hierarchical higher-power.


The malignant tumour of your gouged-eye faith infects a society that wants to die,

I watch their willing suicide, we always aim to please;

Like Stalin said "The death of one is a tragedy - the death of millions is just a statistic."




The End

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