I'm DirtMature

"Bow down before the one you serve" - Nine Inch Nails, "Head Like a Hole"

Dead nails across the threads of immortality, forever bound in ropes of

Emptiness, shadows locked in bloody dungeons, drop the key down heaven's

Well of poisoned water, moonlight's radiotherapy, burn away the cancerous numbness

In the very soul of my meaningless shell.


An angel's bitter tears, lament of lost sheep, I sleep in a cave of things you lost and

Don't want back; each day their scarred wings fade a little more and spread to shield their

Lust and hate-stained faces, hair in tangled amber rivers; oceanic eyes, tainted in



Painted faces, feigning opulence with the last smear of mascara, my diamonds

Were stained glass, so lovely in the land of worthlessness and lost things where I live in

Enchanted sleep, a zombie-form, one day they'll find the cure and I'll crawl back to my

Discarded halo,

They'll worship the priestess of filth while she bows down to her own addiction.


You are my pain, don't fade with these stale pills.





The End

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