Burn the WitchesMature

"When it's all the same you can ask for it by name" - Marilyn Manson

One eye between two others, Cyclops measurement, artistic boundaries pounding

Through me like a poisoned drumbeat, toxic lakes of simmering doppelgangers,

Clones of what we once categorised as "original" and

Stoned to death.


I burn like a witch, stupid bitch, bound in her own delusions of what fantasy is and what it is

To kill yourself in every meaning, flay the shell of nightmares from your twisted spine and let you

Spiral into heaven's inferno, drifting feathers, numbness, give me hell's metal fist into my



Walk through these pathways, like slit veins on earthen wrists, I lost you in the dark,

Clipped wings and bottles of pills, they told us not to eat what the strangers gave us.

Strangers tossed the stones across a lake of blood,

They gathered the wood and

Lit the pyre, tore the darkness; muzzle flashes, gouge the eye that

Sees through your lies and

Shatters your mask of webs and darkest hours.





The End

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