is there really a fairy?
we could really use 3 wishes right now
each one for a month we spent
living in happiness
but hopeless regret,
and no, im really not that sad
i'll get over it
for someone who's not that prepared
i will conquer this
forgetting you, forgetting your
spitefulness, and i know
we really did try
but i cant stop thinking of you tonight
but i will run away, hide away with a smile
or invite them in to take me away
this is all just a bad dream a nightmare
i'll leave my light on so that you know im home
and you've got somewhere some protection to run to
i dont care how much this hurts
i deserve what i get
and ive got my friends to back me up
im really not scared, just wish you'd come back to me
but is this is what you want, this what you wanted to see
then my pains not enough for your agony
we've all got no wishes
and we cant keep them all
they run? they hide?
leaving you and me behind to find more
is this what we've been waiting for?
is this our chance?
come with me?
wake up

The End

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